INL Law Enforcement Experts Program (LEEP)


Donors frequently rely on law enforcement experts to mentor, advise, and deliver technical assistance to foreign host nation partners who face serious hurdles developing their law enforcement capabilities, improving citizen security, and enhancing service provision in accordance with international standards and best practices. To meet the ever-growing demand for technical law enforcement expertise, Strategic Capacity Group (SCG) maintains an active Global Law Enforcement Experts Network to connect donors and experts. SCG also assists donors to complete the time-consuming process of recruiting and vetting qualified experts and deploying them around the world, often on short notice, for short-term technical assistance and long-term capacity building missions.


At the request of the Department of State’s Bureau of International Narcotics and Law Enforcement Affairs (INL) Office of Criminal Justice Assistance and Partnership (CAP), SCG provides law enforcement experts from its Global Law Enforcement Experts Network to augment and support the important work of INL CAP both in the U.S. and internationally. SCG’s cadre of law enforcement experts assist INL in fulfilling its mission to assist partner nations strengthen security institutions, combat transnational crime, and establish capable and accountable criminal justice sectors. Employing its “turn-key” logistics support and coordination assistance, SCG delivers the right technical expertise at the right time in fulfillment of INL CAP’s global mission.


Strategic Capacity Group (SCG) is a nonprofit dedicated to enhancing the ability of the United States and its partners to build strategic security sector capacity both at home and abroad. SCG assists donor and recipient governments to assess institutional capacity, identify gaps, develop and implement solutions, and improve the sustainability and impact of reform.  

SCG’s Security Sector Reform Program aims to build human and institutional capacity for effective and accountable security sector forces and institutions. SCG’s work is conducted through:

• Sharing security sector best practices through national and regional SSR platforms and networks that convene security sector stakeholders and empower “change agents” at key institutions across governments, connecting them with like-minded counterparts;

• Producing assessments of security sector capacity, identifying gaps, and developing strategic policy and programmatic recommendations;

• Training and educating donors to design and implement SSR programs and local stakeholders to design, implement, and advocate for reform within their governments; and

• Advising governments and donor organizations to conceptualize SSR programs and build capacity to implement them.