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Strategic Capacity Group (SCG) is dedicated to enhancing the ability of the United States and its partners to build strategic security sector capacity worldwide.


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Generating Community-Oriented Policing Reform in Burkina Faso

Burkina Faso’s law enforcement agencies nominate 16 high ranking law enforcement officers to revise critical operational frameworks for community policing missions, modernize training programs, and present their reform recommendations to the Minister of Security.

Collaborative Early-Warning to Reduce Insecurity and Crime in Niamey

SCG launched a Neighborhood Watch Program in two of Niamey’s Communes to address juvenile delinquency and drug trafficking and to counter violent extremism. Developed jointly by SCG, local law enforcement, and civil society partners, the program is a key platform for advancing community-oriented policing at the local level.

Strengthening Community-Law Enforcement Trust for Juvenile Delinquency Prevention in Senegal

SCG trained local gendarmerie and police officers, neighborhood residents, national education officials, local student bodies, and representatives from the Ministry of Justice on community policing and inclusive security. Members of Citizen Advisory Committees launched a School Resource Officer program targeting juvenile delinquency in four pilot locations around Dakar, and law enforcement officers received training on how to engage with educational institutions and students in their communities.

Launching Senegal’s Community Policing Doctrine

SCG supported Senegal’s law enforcement institutions to develop a full training curriculum on community policing and trained two groups of instructors to support implementation of Senegal’s newly formulated Community Policing Doctrine.

Strengthening Maritime Law Enforcement in the Caribbean

January 2020 witnessed the formal handoff of the RSS Maritime Law Enforcement Concept of Operation (CONOPS) in Bridgetown Barbados, the outcome of a concerted joint effort between SCG and the Regional Security System (RSS), with support from the U.S. Department of State.  This strategic planning document guides the employment of RSS resources to conduct maritime law enforcement operations and increase interdictions at sea.

Empowering Women Police Leaders in Asia

“This is a big chance to meet with amazing women around the world,” a delegate from Myanmar shared with her 200 women police colleagues from ten countries across Asia at a ground-breaking Women in Law Enforcement conference in the Philippines hosted by SCG with support from the U.S. Department of State. A delegate from Thailand, which will host next year’s conference, highlighted the importance of regional networking for professional advancement. “You don’t need to bear this burden by yourself. There are 199 other women here to support you.” The event was sponsored by the Philippines National Police and the Quezon City local government and featured leadership skills-building and the creation of a regional mentorship network.

Meet Oumar

Oumar Konipo is SCG’s Country Director in Mali, overseeing SCG’s programs and staff in Bamako and supporting SCG’s work in the broader region. “SCG’s approach is recognized and valued,” Oumar believes, “because we work in partnership with Mali’s leadership. I love that environment because it produces real impact.” Oumar worked for decades at the U.S. embassy and has deep and long standing relationships throughout Mali’s government and civil society. He is an indispensable member of SCG’s team, empowering project delivery together with Malian stakeholders.

Strategic capacity building enhances donor return on investment and empowers governments to enhance the lives and livelihoods of their populations.