Who We Are

Our Mission

SCG assists donor countries to enhance the sustainability and impact of their foreign assistance approaches. Our mission is to enhance the ability of the United States and its partners to build strategic security sector capacity worldwide.

Our Approach

SCG’s strategic capacity building approach focuses on enhancing institutional accountability and effectiveness, and strengthening human capacity to design, implement, and lead change. 

Capacity building is a strategic function. It occurs when knowledge is embedded in processes and institutions that can be shared and disseminated over time and replicated by the recipient even after assistance ends. When assistance is provided through a strategic capacity building approach, it enhances the likelihood of impactful and sustainable results.

Our Story

Dr. Querine Hanlon founded SCG in 2013 to provide an alternative to the prevailing approach that prioritizes the provision of tools over the building of capacity. SCG’s solution is to build strategic capacity to achieve a lasting and measurable change in security provision worldwide. Our solution is based on the premise that donor and recipient efforts are sustainable only when assistance is designed and delivered as part of a strategic capacity approach.​

SCG assists donor countries to enhance the sustainability and impact of their assistance approaches and recipient countries to deliver security appropriately, effectively, accountably, and in accordance with the rule of law. Through this approach, SCG helps build human and institutional capacity worldwide.

Tools and Solutions

  • Embedding security sector best practices;
  • Building intellectual and institutional capital;
  • Producing substantive threat, institutional, and gap assessments;
  • Conducting monitoring and evaluation of security sector assistance programs;
  • Producing policy relevant guidance and research;
  • Facilitating regional cross-border engagement and inter-ministerial coordination;
  • Training and educating mid- and high-ranking officials, military and civilian security officers, and civil society; and
  • Designing modernization programs for military and law enforcement academies.​

Strategic Capacity delivers sustainable change.