Global Corrections Training as a Catalyst for Change


Corrections officers and agencies worldwide face acute shortages of trained personnel and resource deficits, which contribute to overcrowding, inhumane prison conditions, a higher prevalence of prisoner-on-prisoner violence, and human rights violations. In support of the Department of State’s Bureau of International Narcotics and Law Enforcement Affairs (INL), Strategic Capacity Group’s Global Corrections Program enables corrections officers worldwide to attend training in the United States at state, local and other INL partner institutions.


SCG provides Turn-Key Logistics support to enable participants from around the world to attend training in the United States at various locations, including the International Corrections Academy-Colorado (ICA-C) in Cañon City, the Maryland Police and Correctional Training Commissions (MPCTC) in Sykesville, and Mock Prison Riot in Moundsville, West Virginia. Driven by a commitment to customer service, SCG delivers a range of services including travel, lodging, transportation, catering, interpretation, and translation, as well as managing the training facility and conducting site maintenance. Additionally, SCG supports the program’s experienced instructors to develop and deliver contextually relevant curricula that catalyzes learning to produce change in participants’ home institutions. Important for the transformative experience of U.S. government partners, SCG also organizes site visits and cultural activities that provide participants with an opportunity to learn from each other outside the classroom. By delivering contextually relevant curriculum to corrections personnel around the world and creating a context conducive to effective training for corrections professionals, the Global Corrections program aims to maximize learning and catalyze organizational change.


Strategic Capacity Group (SCG) is a nonprofit dedicated to enhancing the ability of the United States and its partners to build strategic security sector capacity both at home and abroad. 

SCG’s Global Corrections Program trains corrections partners to build human and institutional capacity for effective and accountable corrections officers and institutions. SCG’s work is conducted through:

  • Turn-Key logistics, which begins with a standardized centralized logistics form, attention to detail, and a decade of risk mitigation experience that enables SCG to tailor every aspect of the training event to the needs of the delegates.
  • Facility management of a decommissioned state prison in the United States to provide a year-round U.S. based training facility dedicated to Global Corrections.
  • Supporting experienced instructors who use adult learning methodologies to support high quality training, which enables SCG to calibrate and contextualize training for the students and their home organization.
  • Developing and maintaining adult-centric curriculum that is tailored to the real-world challenges of managing correctional facilities and inmate populations. 
  • The deployment of monitoring and evaluation tools, including surveys, tests, and capstones, to document, measure, and capture change—and to continuously incorporate that learning into the delivery of training.